Who invented the Internet? History of the Internet.

Introduction It’s difficult to attribute the invention of the internet to a single human. As one would imagine with technology as vast and ever-changing as the internet. Hundreds of pioneering physicists, designers, and engineers worked on the internet. Thus, the history of the internet is quite vast. Each designed new features and inventions that gradually […]

What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that helps the website increase the ranking in search engine results. But it is not a short process. It takes months of continuous work in different aspects to better understand the readability and SEO of the content. Once the search engine starts crawling the keywords, the site […]

Is learning JavaScript necessary for the web developer?

The question is not as much complicated as it looks. As we have many programming languages which have a variety of features, it’s sometimes difficult to answer this question. One cannot decide whether a web developer should learn JavaScript or not, while he has many options. To answer this question, one must know the scope, […]

Comparing WordPress plans – Which one is best for you?

WordPress was released 17 years ago; It has been the most popular website creation CMS ever since. Choosing between various WordPress plans and buying the best for your website might be a confusing choice. So, here we are, to help you out. You can use WordPress for free, but the free plan doesn’t have many […]

Answered 15 most common questions about the internet

The internet has changed our daily lives. The impact of the internet has been tremendous on the relationship between people on earth. So, we live every beat of our life as if it will never be separated from it. In this article, we summarize the 15 most common questions that you might also, be wondering […]