How to create new sudo user ubuntu (Linux)

To create a new sudo user in linux, you need to log in with the root user. What is a sudo user? Before creating a user we will first discuss some basics about the sudo user in Linux. The sudo user is nothing but the user who has permission to run the Linux commands which […]

How to install Laravel on Linux server step by step guide

What is Laravel Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which uses the Modal View Controller architecture. The benefit of using framework over a plain PHP is that it removes the effort in writing code for common tasks. In the case of the Laravel framework, it eases the process of routing, authentication, sessions, cookies, caching, etc. […]

How To Install Apache, MySQL, PHP (Linux) on Ubuntu 22.04 with SSH commands

To install the Apache, MySQL, and PHP first of all you would need the root user OR the user with sudo privilege. To know more about creating users and granting privileges setup on Linux, see the following post. In this post, we will see the step-by-step guide to the installation of LAMP, which means Apache […]

Are you looking to host a website? – types of web hosting

If you are a web developer, you might need to host a website. However, if you are unfamiliar with web hosting, have a look at this, if you are looking for what hosting is and what are the types of web hosting. What is web hosting? – Host a website When you decide to go […]

How to write a good and attractive blog post to gain user’s interest

Attractive Blog

Why it’s important to write a good blog post? This article would tell you, how to write a good blog post, which is too important for any website. Writing a good blog post is very important to get more visitors and traffic to your site, which helps you to reach out the more people related […]