Introduction to HTML

What is HTML HTML is a language used to design webpage. It’s long form is Hyper Text Markup Language. Let us see the meaning of each word first. Hyper Text means the system in software allowing extensive cross-reference between text and graphics. Markup means process of correcting text in preparation for printing. Language is well […]

What is hosting? Beginner’s guide to web hosting

Web hosting is a service that keeps your website running. When you publish your website or any application on the internet, you need to have some space to place your files, media, and database. You can run your server, but it is challenging to manage one. Here we present a complete beginner’s guide to web […]

Create a website and start earning in just 7 simple steps!

In this modern era, when everyone is going online, developing a website for your business growth is necessary. Nowadays, if you are in a business line, although a smaller business, you must be online in anyways. If you are not online, then it isn’t easy to compete in the business field. When you are in […]

How does the domain name work? Is it different from hosting?

A domain name is the unique address of a website. Any user can access a website through that specific address. Firstly each computer on the internet has an internet protocol address. This address consists of numbers, so it is not easy to remember. The human cannot recognize the internet protocol (IP) address. When a user […]

Everything about domain names! Which one to buy – .com, .in, .us, etc.?

All about domain names. A domain name is a keyword used as a shortcut to access a website. Domain names consist of two parts. The first is the name of a website, company, or organization. The second is the domain name extension. For example, When someone strives for his online presence, he needs to […]

What is the role of HTML in web development?

Before moving on to the role of HTML in web development, let’s have a look at what is HTML and how does it work? HTML was discovered by Tim Berners-Lee. It was first time written in 1993. HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language” which is a programming language. The word HTML has two parts. The […]