Creating your own website is not very difficult in recent days. You don’t need to have designing skills. You just need some basic computer knowledge. There are some frameworks like WordPress which allows you to simply type your content and post them. We will disscuss here how you can make your own website by yourself.

Making website has 3 main parts which you need to know

Domain Registration ie unique address to your site. Hosting Service to store the content. Design your website ie making content ready to serve over internet. Which we are going to disscuss in this article.

First of all you need prepare the content for your website. Your content might be articles, images , videos, song etc or you might want to create a website for selling your products. Based on the purpose of creating your site you can choose a framework to use. If you are going to create blogs(articles), the WordPress is best to use. It’s used by millions of people to create the site. Or if you are going to create a site for online selling of your products, you can choose from ecommerce like WordPress, PrestaShop, TomatoCart etc. I Will disscuss some of them in future posts. First I will disscuss about the simple website creation like blogs, images, videos, tutorials, which can be created by wordpress.

WordPress Blog

The steps to perform for wordpress site:

  • install the WordPress on your site.
  • Select a theme based on your requirement.
  • Install some add-ons which are also called plugins.
  • Write a new post/page in WordPress post/page Editor, preview it and publish.

That’s it!

Now your first page is ready to serve over internet. You need to just get the URL of the page/post and type in web browser, you can see your post from anywhere. Just create all the other pages like this.

Linking pages

Linking pages to make browsing easy

It’s most important that all your pages must be visible to your visitors. But it’s not advisable to add all the content to one page, so you need to link them to each other. You can make page linking in WordPress by just adding the menu section. You can add the important post links at top and others at the bottom.

All your site is now ready and you have created your own basic website. We will disscuss about improving this basic site to the professional site in future articles.

If you have some questions or suggestions for me to disscuss, just comment me and I will try to answer them.

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