If you are running a website and thinking of writing a blog, want to gain more users to your site, then this article will definitely help you, continue reading the article and you would know how can you write the best article or blog. This article would introduce you to write an attractive blog which can make interest in your user to read more and you would get more traffic to your website, which will definitely help you indirectly in increasing your income. Writing an attractive blog which can lead a user to read more is not an easy task but if you follow some guidelines, you will see that your users spent more time on your site which is most likely improve your website S.E.O.

Attractive Blog
Attractive Blog

First thing you will definitely do is getting your content and title ready for writing a blog, that may be in your mind or written on page. If you are ready then it’s time to improve it by some simple tips.

Add related Blog title

This is the first and very important thing to consider while writing a blog. Because it’s the key factor which let user know what he is going to read in your blog. The articles must be matching to your content. Near about 30% of blogger makes this mistake. Add some effort on choosing a best suitable title for your blog content. Along with the related title, it must be attractive, as it increases readers interest in starting to read your blog. If the title is not good enough then readers may not even visit the blog page.

Add Interactive content like images, explanation of your thoughts

This may be well known to you that visualization of things help the brain capture the things quickly. Adding interactive images would help understand the people about what is written by you. Add the images related to the content. Also add them where the relevant content is written. Where you add them is very important.

Explain your main sentences. Add same thing twice with different manner. If someone is not able to get meaning from first one he will be able to understand by second line of text. But that doesn’t mean you write every sentence twice just add some explanation with different words for those which are important for user to understand your topic. This way you can write a more words and it also help understand the topic.

You can also raise some questions while writing, which you think might be coming in mind while readers are reading your blog, answer them. It will help them understand better. This would be like you are asking questions behalf of them and this would make them feel that you are discussing with them, and not only telling something. It will make your blog interesting.

Make subtopics for the content

Blog Structure
Blog Structure

When it comes to write an attractive blog, you must divide your blog’s main topic in subtopics. Elaborate each subtopic in detail, so user can understand it well enough. Again there no any measure for the content width as some topics may need more words to explain and some would be understood easily with less words. Just make sure that you have explained it enough that user could understand.

Write enough but not very lengthy

There might be some people who thinks that writing more content would help your blog to be more popular, it’s true to some extent, because more writing would make reader understand the content properly, but it’s not the case always. Users reading your content may get bored to read so much. So you should write which is enough to understand your topic and keep in mind it would not be very more than that.

Read more to write better

There is a phrase like, read more write more but I would say that read more to write better and not more, it’s because you are not writing a book of hundreds of pages, but the small topic for the people who visit to your site. So you should write good articles which will be worth to read by visitors of your site.

More reading will improve your writing skills as well as knowledge about the blog topic. If you have wide view on a topic you are writing, then you can obviously write your blog better.

Avoid many Grammatical mistakes

You must write clear and also grammatically correct. I would like to tell that if your blog contains grammatical mistakes it’s impact on readers is negative for your writing. Though blog’s main purpose is to tell something or improve knowledge about the topic, it’s not anymore acceptable to make many grammar mistakes in writing. It’s also important to understand the blog content. So avoid these mistakes.

Write S.E.O. friendly

Seo marketing concept with research symbols world map and magnifier vector illustration

This is not really needed to write a good article, but it’s very important to reach with more readers. Let me explain in some details. When someone want to read something regarding some topic. They won’t come directly to your site and read. They search on the search engine for the topic they want to read, like “how to write an article”. So the search engine would show the related articles from over hundreds of sites which are similar to the topic. Resulting in your page is not visible on search engine for the keyword someone is searching, then you would not get traffic to your site. So make use of some key words that are related to your topic and hence you will get more visitors than you are not using keywords. So search for key words which match your topic.there are some online tools which can suggest keywords for the topic. Get familiar with adding keywords. It’s not possible to explain it in more detail here. So get it by searching “how to add keywords” in the blog content, you will see many articles explaining it better.

Summary of our blog is that you should write good, grammar free, enough but not much content. Add some related images. Divide the content in subtopics, and also embed topic related keywords in your content.

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